HighSpeedThai Requirements

The course will run on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer. You will need at least 6gb free on your hard drive.

As the course is made up of audio, video, pdf and Anki files these will also work on Android and iOS. As of this moment iOS and Android do not support linking from PDF files, this means that you will need to open the files manually. You will need to purchase Anki if you are using iOS from the app store. Anki is free for all other platforms.

If you would like to transfer the Anki files to your tablet or phone, you should first open them in the latest version of Anki on your desktop and export them. You will then be able to import them into Anki on your phone.

We recommend that you copy the reading and speaking audio files from the vocab lessons to your phone and listen to them as often as you can. These allow you to practice both speaking and comprehension without having to look at a screen.