Thai Fonts Cheat Sheet

Thai fonts can be quite creative and therefore they can be quite a challenge to read. Our cheat sheet will give you practice reading a large number of Thai fonts. After you have completed the exercises in this cheat sheet, you will be able to quickly and easily read almost any Thai font. At $8 Baht, the Thai Font Cheat Sheet e-Book is a very worthwhile investment. Once purchased, it is available for immediate download.

Purchase Rapid Thai Vocab with HighSpeedThai

Rapid Thai Vocab is my newest course which was created after HighSpeedThai. It is not designed to replace HighSpeedThai but to be used together to get you to the next level with your Thai studies faster. HighSpeedThai teaches you 1,600 words which gets you to a functional level. When learning a language your first 100, 1000, 2000 words are the hardest. Because you are also learning all the sounds, the characters and other patterns in the language. As you progress it becomes easier and quicker to learn. For instance in your native language you should be able to learn new vocabulary easily as all the sounds, characters and common patterns in the language are so familiar to you. Rapid Thai Vocab teaches a total of 2,500 words. There is some over lap with HighSpeedThai perhaps about 1,000 words. So by completing both programs you will learn 3000+ words. This is a very good level to achieve as after you have learnt this much it becomes so much easier to further extend your vocabulary in order to talk about a wider range of subjects. Rapid Thai Vocab also uses new techniques to make learning easier, faster and more convenient. Rapid Thai Vocab is more interactive and contains over 2,200 images helping you associate the Thai vocabulary directly with imagery. In the last section of Rapid Thai Vocab you will work though a full length Thai movie. This will give you a lot of exposure to slang that you will hear on the streets but unusually will not find in textbooks.

The exercise types in Rapid Thai Vocab are also different to those found in HighSpeedThai, this is helpful because you can switch between the two programs to make studying more interesting, varied and effective. With Rapid Thai Vocab it is also easier to study for shorter times as usually the exercises take less than a minute to complete. HighSpeedThai has longer exercises that you probably would want to spend at least 10 minutes on.

Overall Rapid Thai Vocab has less audio that is because it has a built in review system so there is less of a need for huge amounts of audio. With that being said HighSpeedThai gives you a lot more exposure reading, using and listening to the high frequency vocabulary in a very wide range of contexts. This is useful for building fluency and decreasing the time you need to take to comprehend and formulate sentences.

If you are wanting to get to a very functional level with the Thai language you should use both programs. Each program in itself is very large. HighSpeedThai may take you 200+ hours to complete. If you fully completed HighSpeedThai you would probably be able to finish Rapid Thai Vocab in 100 extra hours. So used together you can expect to spend 300 or more hours in total on both programs.

Of course both programs come with a money back guarantee so if you do not like either you can simply remove the program, email me and your money will be refunded.

There are so many other features included in the Rapid Thai Vocab program you can read about them here.

The cost of Rapid Thai Vocab is $239.95 and HighSpeedThai is $239.95(with coupon). If you purchase them together the total cost will be $379.95. So you will save $99.95.

Rapid Thai Vocab runs on windows but you can export your exercises to be reviewed on the go on your phone. It is also touch screen friendly so if you want to use the full program from your mobile or your tablet you can use the free application “Chrome Remote Desktop”. This application allows you to connect to your computer from your phone/tablet.

Mac users have to run the program within the free software Virtual Box which allows you to run windows applications on your mac. If you only have a mac you should consider this as using both programs together will get you to a very functional level in the language really quickly.

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